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Providing individual, couples and family counseling.


I work primarily with adult and older adolescent clients. 


My office and building accommodates those with disabilities/differently abled and assistive devices. I offer daytime, evening and Saturday office hours by appointment only.

Telehealth services are currently being offered. In office sessions available with written consent regarding COVID compliant office policies. 

Health Issues

Adjustment to acute and chronic illnesses for individuals, partnerships/marriages and families. Examples include cancer, neurological disorders, chronic pain, and disabilities.

Mood Disorders

Managing emotional, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms of Anxiety, Panic, and Depressive conditions. Examples include reactions to occupational issues, parenting, and life stressors.


Challenges in relationships at all stages, from dating to long-term marriages. Experience and comfort with those of diverse ethnic & cultural backgrounds, faith traditions, & sexual orientation. 


Addressing the needs of the non-professional caregiver. Examples include caring for an aging parent to a family member with Alzheimer's Disease or cancer.

Grief & Loss

Circumstances of loss and change, particularly related to death or change in health status. 


anne walker
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